September 25, 2011


ART. Olga, from Artful Nuance, has nominated me to participate in the My-7-Links project. Coming from her, how could I refuse :-) She says that blogging is primarily about creativity - how right - so here are my own 7 "creative" Posts:

1. Most beautiful: ICE CREAM SODA
An ordinary afternoon forever.   
Una tarde corriente para siempre.
2. Most popular: ICE CREAM MARX
Just for the Ice Cream :-)   Por el helado.
3. Most controversial: CUBA LIBRE
Poor Cuba.                    Pobre Cuba.
4. Most helpfull: LA MOLA
Formentera Island for the discerning reader.
Formentera para el lector exigente.
5. It's success surprised me: SALTED CHERRIES BATH
Cherries are winners but the recipe was odd :-)
La cerezas son ganadoras, pero la receta?

6. Didn't get the attention it deserved: SMOKE
An inspirational movie that got (still) 0 comments.
Una película especial que tuvo (aún) 0 comentarios.
7. Most proud of: 21st CENTURY CHRISTMAS EVE
A true Christmas story.
Una verdadera historia de Navidad.
Olga, de Artful Nuance, me ha nominado para participar en el proyecto My-7-Links. Viniendo de ella cómo decir no. Olga dice que los blogs son sobre todo una cosa de creatividad - es verdad - así que ahí están mis 7 "creativos" Posts.

I hope you've enjoyed them. PS: I really love ALL my little Posts!
Espero que os hayan gustado. PS: A mi me gustan TODOS mis "little Posts"!


  1. Hello:
    Wonderful to have reminders of some of your favourite posts. We love your snapshots of life and find them all so engaging as, more often than not, they open up worlds that are new to us.

  2. of course we enjoy all your post. maybe my favorite posts are memories.

  3. I think of blogging as a creative puzzle of sorts....even commenting should be creative....then there is that two language thing that you do......

  4. My favorite ones:
    CUBA LIBRE and SMOKE.....

    Will go through your posts during the next few days again...
    So interesting!

    Happy Sunday,

  5. Bravo, its nice to put all your favorites on the same page!

  6. Para ver gossip girl tienes la pagina web , estan todas las temporadas tanto en ingles como en castellano.


  7. Thank you very much for this post. I will do the same as you - I'll savour your old posts for the next little while.

  8. I like Cuba Libre the best. What a great idea to post favorites like this.

  9. Hi Pet,

    What a fantastic post. I enjoyed reading them all but my favourite is the La Mola post. Oh! you paint such a beautiful picture of that island. I must visit.


  10. What an outstanding collection of photos! I am impressed.

    Thanks for your recent visits to my blog. I enjoy seeing your comments.

    Have a great week.

  11. I have done as I promised. See - I always keep my promises! Still, my favourite post remains #5. I haven't expected that sort of thing from someone like you.