August 19, 2011


MEMORIES. My mother ancestors having been farmers we have inherited some bits of land, and surveying them is the perfect excuse for a day in the countryside.
Ir a Albiztur a ver la herencia de mi madre es la excusa perfecta para un día de campo.

My grandmother's mother - Josefa Antonia Larrarte - was born in this farm in the 1860's.
La madre de mi abuela - Josefa Antonia Larrarte - nació en el caserio Larreta en la decada de 1860.

The farm being nearly the top of the Hernio mountain benefits from stunning views.
Como el caserio está en lo alto del Hernio las vistas son impresionantes.

N walking under the shadow of a beech grove. I remember the old b&w pictures of myself with N's age in the same surroundings.
N bajo la sombra de un hayedo. Recuerdo fotos mías en blanco y negro con la de edad de N en Albiztur.

Old house in Albiztur.
Casa antigua en Albiztur.

My grandparents on my mother side were married in this Church. Most likely my grandmother's parents too.
Mis abuelos maternos se casaron en esta Iglesia. Seguro que los padres de mi abuela también. 

Red flowers.        Flores rojas.

Yellow and purple ones.       Amarillas y violetas.

For more on my mothers ancestors you may read the JAUN DE MARKELUS and THE RED CROSS at Iturrikoa Posts.
Más sobre los ancestros de mi madre en JAUN DE MARKELUS y en THE RED CROSS at Iturrikoa.


  1. Hello:
    What stunning countryside and such wonderful old buildings. How fortunate you are to have an 'inheritance' in such beautiful surroundings. And how interesting to visit places which hold such special memories of your ancestors.

  2. Being a country boy and a lover of family history I can really appreciate this. It gives one a sense of being to visit the places or forebearers lived their lives and even more special when things have not changed!

  3. How gorgeous! How charming! How fortunate you are to have such a sense of ancestry and connection with place...

  4. wonderful to know where you came from..... being able to show your son is very special....i could feel the coolness of the church and the beauty of the day....lovely....

  5. Lovely photos of your heritage and land... I discovered that there are fewer than 300 inhabitants in Albiztur and certainly they would all know your mom and grandparents. How wonderful to be able to pass down this history and love of place to your son.


  6. Among all your photos, the one I liked the most is the one with the boy from your old memories. It carried a strange nostalgic mood.

  7. Nice photos. :)

  8. Que chula toda tu historia, estas bien documentado..yo tengo pendiente leer las memorias de mi padre, se remonta al 1700, pero va y viene en su vida, cuenta muchas cosas de sus últimos años y cada día estoy preparada para leerlo... hoy me pongo fecha, el verano que viene. Gracias por decidirme.

  9. magnificent! I love the birth place of your great grandmother.

  10. I do love your pictures...visual and written.

    My grandmother was born and died in a little farmhouse in upstate New York. Pleasant Valley Road. I've always wanted to live there just to be closer to those memories of her. She was the original funny lady.

  11. Esos montes con sus caserios, simbolizan para mí el pais vasco!imagino que antanyo bajar de los caseríos a la costa sería una tarea harto complicada!