July 14, 2011

HIGH MOON at Formentera

FORMENTERA. There is a HIGH NOON for the rougher Atlantic Sea, and a HIGH MOON for the quieter Mediterranean Sea at Formentera.
For this one you need nothing but the bare moon and a calm, clear like a spring, sea. We place ourselves into the water at midnight, waist deep, and then we have to count the toes in our feet under the light of the moon. Ten wins. 
Hay una HIGH NOON para el más salvaje Atlántico, y una HIGH MOON para el más calmado Mediterráneo de Formentera.
Para éste solo hace falta la luna desnuda y un mar, transparente como un manantial, en calma. Nos colocamos en el agua a medianoche, metidos más de la cintura, y así, nos contamos los dedos de los pies con la luz de la luna. Diez gana. 

In the picture W and myself in a 2006 Formentera HIGH MOON. We haven't managed to count 10 this year yet.
En la foto, W y yo en una Formentera HIGH MOON en 2006. Este año no hemos podido contar hasta 10 todavía. 


  1. Hello:
    The phases of the moon and the tides of the sea are a source of great facination to us. It looks to be enormous fun out in the sea at midnight, counting toes or otherwise!

  2. I too have always been fascinated by the changing phases of the moon. One of my favourite books is "The Moon Spinners" by Mary Stewart, subsequently made into a movie by Walt Disney with Hayley Mills. Nothing beats a full moon on a winter's night!

  3. Oh, how I would love to be waist under a bare moon. It's nice, white,and full right now, good for harvesting, and would be good for swimming in the pond if one only had the time...

  4. qué ganas de ir a formentera, pero por lo que leo este anyo te ha gustado menos no?

  5. Damn, I would like to be there :P Hot guys :3