July 15, 2011


ART. This little piece is inspired on Jane's beautifully well written blog: Acidopholous morning, chocolate afternoon. Jane, forgive my Spaniard's English!

My new doctor's name is Alfonso. He is rich, like my tailor used to be, but happy. Remember I am a Spaniard, natural of a country of rich tailors until the 70s. But that is a different story.
My "pal" doctor is Paco, but nowadays if I am feeling nervous, anxious, sad, sleepless, restless or any other ailment, it is Alfonso who prescribes me his good-for-all weed biscuits. 
Who can claim, approaching fifty, to still keep friends for High Noon "palas" at the beach, another one for "weeds" and other plants - say barley and vines - and still another one for blog followers searching in the nights of Seville, doubling as my former doctor too!
J, my eldest son, this is some weeks ago, was coughing in bed while talking non stop to IÑ, a sleepover friend. I gave him a ginger sweet. One of the ones that I had brought from Granada.  They did not claim to have any particular effect against coughing, but I did the claiming on their behalf. Believing is more important than any false claim anyway :-)
I also told them to stop talking. A "2am for 10 year's old" speech. 
Amn't I a proud father! A excuse, a quarter of a hint of a excuse, a false excuse even, and I'm already talking of my 2 "pollitos". I still shy on that at the blog's gate most of the time though.
His answer: - I'm talking because I am sleepless. 
Like saying, not for fun, what did you think.
My answer: - Not that I care if it is for religious reasons either.
They laugh. I can hear in J's laugh, uncontrolled, going deep, how proud he is.
Wasn't I saying how proud I was! And all in Alfonso's biscuits. Ain't that a friend?

Esta pequeña pieza está inspirada en el blog de Jane - Acidopholous morning, chocolate afternoon - tan preciosamente bien escrito. 

Mi nuevo médico se llama Alfonso. Es rico, como lo era mi sastre, pero es feliz. Recordad que soy un españolito, natural de un país de sastres ricos hasta los años 70. Pero esa es otra historia.
Mi médico "colega" es Paco, pero ahora mismo si estoy nervioso, ansioso, triste, no duermo, no descanso o cualquier cosa así, es Alfonso el que me prescribe sus buenas-para-todo galletas de hierbas.
Quién tocando los 50 mantiene todavía amigos para High Noon "palas" en la playa, otro para hierbas y otras plantas - digamos la cebada y la vid - y aún otro para buscar seguidores para el blog en las noches de Sevilla, haciendo doblete de ex-médico además.
J, mi hijo mayor, de esto hace algunas semanas, tosía en la cama mientras hablaba sin parar con IÑ, un amigo de sleepover. Le di un caramelo de jengibre. Uno de los que había comprado en Granada. No es que tuvieran ningún efecto especial contra la tos, salvo mi propia propaganda. De todos modos creer es más importante que cualquier publicidad falsa :-)
Les dije también que pararan de hablar. El discurso de "las 2 de la mañana y 10 años" y eso.
¿No soy un padre orgulloso ni nada eh? Una excusa, un cuarto de excusa, una excusa falsa incluso, y ya estoy hablando de mis 2 pollitos. Aunque me corte la mayor parte de las veces en el blog.
Su respuesta: - Estoy hablando porque no puedo dormir.
Como diciendo, no es por diversión, qué te habías pensado.
Mi respuesta: - Si a mi me da igual que sea por eso, o por tus creencias religiosas.
Se ríen. Puedo oir en la risa de J, incontrolada, de notas rotas, lo orgulloso que está.
¡No estaba yo diciendo lo orgulloso que estaba yo! Y todo con las galletas de Alfonso. ¿No es eso un amigo?


  1. Hello:
    Oh, the trials and tribulations of teenage boys! We think that it is wonderful that your son had so much to say until the early hours of the morning since most boys of his age just seem to give the occasional grunt and nothing more!!

    As for Alfonso's biscuits. They look seriously good and we can well believe that even if they do not cure all ills, they certainly would make one feel better!

  2. Aren't you going to share the recipe? :) It must be very invigorating to have little ones around the house, who chat with their friends and don't let you sleep.

  3. Oh dear. It sounds like the weed biscuits worked their magic. ;) They look delicious, as does the idea of a moonlit swim, and staying up all night talking and giggling with friends.

  4. ' Weed' biscuits, hmm, sounds intruigingly risque!

    Pet thankyou for acknowledging my blog - As a fellow writer ( and chocolate-addict) I'm glad you found some inspiration there.

    A sweet and familiar image - Your boy and sleep over friend chatting all night long. Isn't it lovely to see their enjoyment of their friendships?

    My boy is a night owl - latest thing is that he NEEDS the music playing to send him to sleep..

    As for your 'Spaniard's English - it's a heck of a lot better than my Australian's Spanish.