June 5, 2011


PHOTOGRAPHY. This picture (posted last month under the BEACH AND POOL title) was inspired in the beach pictures that Jeffrey Silverthorne took when he came to visit us last summer. You can judge yourself watching the Post: SUMMER PICTURES from Jeffrey Silverthorne, from last September. 
Jeff's advice has been a constant inspiration. Art is a compromise. To understand this is even helping me to understand myself better.
Esta fotografía (de la entrada BEACH AND POOL del mes pasado) está inspirada en las fotografías de playa que hizo Jeffrey Siverthorne cuando vino a visitarnos el verano pasado. Podéis comprobarlo viendo la entrada SUMMER PICTURES from Jeffrey Silverthorne, del último Septiembre.
Los consejos de Jeff han sido de inspiración constante. El arte es un compromiso (entre esto y lo otro). Entender esto me ha ayudado incluso a entender mejor mis cosas y mis días.


  1. seeing a story in the pic leads us into the landscape and makes it much more interesting....

  2. I think that, at any point when a person creates an art piece, and later analyzes it, the process is not only fulfilling but also helpful for finding yourself.

  3. Une belle rétrospective.
    Mon nouveau blog

  4. I feel the romance coming out of the photo for one couple, and loneliness from the person walking alone... interesting combo...

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