March 30, 2011


SAN SEBASTIAN. The characters in the March 28 "BEACH AND POOL" post:
Los personajes del artículo del 28 de Marzo "BEACH AND POOL":

The breakfast: Before the pool.
El desayuno: Antes de la piscina.

The beach: The winter "road" to the pool.
La playa: La "carretera" de invierno para ir a la piscina.
The pool: Training to swim to the island in summer.
La piscina: Entrenando para ir nandando a la isla en verano.
The island: From the sea side doesn't look that easy to swim to, does it?
La isla: Desde el lado del mar no parece tan facil ir nadando, ¿verdad?
The sea: Seen from Urgull, the "hill" in the middle of the city.
El mar: Visto desde Urgull, la "colina" en mitad de la ciudad.


  1. c'est un très beau projet, et plein de connivence avec les enfants. je suis admirative car j'ai si peur de nager dans la mer (j'adore faire des kilomètres en piscine). quelle chance d'avoir un tel parcours pour aller à la piscine.

  2. That tiny island is incredible!
    I wonder if there's fresh water there...

  3. PS: pet, permission to use your 'island' photo to post, I include your blog link of course~

    Thanks in advance!

  4. It will be my pleasure to see the island in your beautiful blog. About the fresh water, I have been in the island many times but never drank from a spring! Is it that you are planning to settle there ? :-)

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  6. that island in the 3rd pic looks sooo goood

    follow if you like what u see?


  7. Wow. You're incredibly talented! I just found your blog and can't believe how amazing all of these photos are.

  8. What a gorgeous place you live in!
    Great pics

  9. It's a beautiful life...I believe the next place I will live will be by the water...any water will do.
    Oh, and please write a short story about your island swim. :)