May 5, 2011


BOOKS. "I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them never happened" is the motto of the efervescent and lush blog Stella's Roar.
It has reminded me of Life on the Mississippi, also from Mark Twain, a book with great stories of the Mississippi when it was the greatest river ever. Another kind of lush stories altogether but a wonderful reading too.
Tom Sawyer and Huckelberry Finn have always been in the bland side of literature, but this book - I read it on my English Editor's, Scott, advice - is as rich as Jill's blog is in its genre.
H.C.McBarron. The Great Mississippi Steamboat Race

" Soy un hombre viejo y he pasado por muchas y grandes vicisitudes, pero muchas de ellas nunca sucedieron" es el motto del efervescente y lujoso blog Stella's Roar.
Me ha hecho acordarme de Life on the Mississippi, también de Mark Twain, un libro con grandes historias del Mississippi cuando era el más grande río del mundo. Otro tipo de historias lujosas pero fantásticas de leer tambíen.
Tom Sawyer y Huckleberry Finn, lo más conocido de Mark Twain, siempre han estado del lado suave de la literatura, pero este libro - lo leí acosejado por mi English Editor Scott - tiene tanto sabor como el blog de Jill en su género.


  1. en tous cas, l'illustration est prometteuse.

  2. Having studied said Tom Sawyer at school and Huck Finn, I never really found myself enamoured with them. Good stories but great literature I tthought not. However after re reading several years ago I got quite caught up in the whole river thing. Love the picture.

  3. Thank you Pet! You've made me blush...

  4. Todo lo que suena a Mark Twain me retrotrae a la infancia.
    Bonita estampa, por cierto.

  5. Une bien belle illustration.

  6. I loved Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn as a kid...didn't enjoy them as much as an adult. I WILL be looking into the Twain story you recommended. Like New Orleans, southern gothic graveyards and the like, I crave it.