May 6, 2011


FOOD. It was my last night at the (Intercontinental) Hotel in Madrid.  I had dinner with Scott who happened to be in Madrid that very day. Spanish ham, paella with lobster, and raspberry's soufflé with a bottle of Terrases 2005, a Garnache, Cariñena and Cabernet wine. I couldn't recommend a better place for any of the dishes nor a better farewell wine. JL had finally got rid of me and my feeling was of relieve. I had spent the day visiting some Head Hunters and had sent my CV to other people too. All was done, and I really enjoyed the lush dinner.
I have been going in and out the Hotel for the last 15 years, nearly always the same rooms - the last row of 3 years from Monday to Friday most of the weeks - and this was the best paella ever.
Fue mi última noche en el Hotel (Intercontinental) en Madrid. Cené con Scott, que por casualidad estaba ese día en Madrid. Jamón, arroz con bogavante, y soufflé de frambuesa con una botella de Terrases 2005, un Priorato con Garnacha, Cariñena y Cabernet. No podría recomendar un sitio mejor para ninguno de los platos ni un mejor vino para una despedida. Había pasado el día visitando Head Hunters y enviando CVs. Todo estaba hecho y disfruté de la lujosa cena, servida con mimo.
He estado yendo y volviendo al Hotel los últimos 15 años, casi siempre en las mismas habitaciones - la última serie, de 3 años, de lunes a viernes casi todas las semanas - y ésta fue la mejor paella jamás.


  1. The Good Life!

    Yes there is something special about good hotels. My favourite here is The Stamford Plaza in Brisbane. It has that old-fashioned feeling, and great views of river and bridge, and I love the familiarity of returning there

    Memorable overseas:
    The Metropole, Hanoi
    The Raphael, Rome
    Samode Havelli, Jaipur, India...all of them OLD ( & expensive, but worth it) Don't I sound like a jetsetter! If only an occasional one

  2. I love Spanish paella, home-made by me is never so tasty:(

  3. Hello Pet:
    We are rather fond of hotels and the Intercontinental in Madrid looks to be very stylish. The Paella sounds delicious.

    We always try to find those rather creaky kinds of hotels which have been run by the same family for years. Our favourite in Venice is the Accademia where we have been going for over thirty years!!

  4. we used to stay in the londra palace in venice because a friend of us was the owner, but i can't say anything about meals, because… well, i've got a problem with food and i prefer cupcakes, aso.

  5. I ador paella and when it is done well it is sublime. I also adore good hotels so this seems a perfect match. Good luck with the headhunters

  6. Last time I was in Spain, I bought a paella pan (and a tortilla pan) hoping that the cooking utensils would produce good results. So far, 50/50. Summer isn't complete without some proper good Spanish food!

  7. ¿ Que tal con los head Hunters...? A ver con que nos sorprendes...¿ otra cotizada...? Suerte !!, Que envidia de cena !!

  8. Oh I love thee!