May 4, 2011

THE SEA IN SPRING from the hills

SAN SEBASTIAN. The sea transforms itself into bright blues with the sun hitting its surface from a different angle. It is called springtime.
El mar se transforma en azules brillantes con el sol reflejando desde un ángulo diferente.

The beach isn't that lonely anymore.
Se asientan los primeros playeros.

The boats start coming like the birds.
Los barcos empiezan a llegar, como pájaros.


  1. Even first people on the beach!

  2. Hello Pet:
    The azure blue is so beguiling and so enticing. Idyllic!

  3. te deberían de nombrar embajador mundial de Sanse!
    nos vemos en breve (creo que el tiempo no nos va a acompañar del todo). Agur ba!

  4. I am so so jealous! The temperature here in Toronto is inching to 11 today and it is still grey with the sun just managing to creep in. I love these shots of the beach from your window at different times. It gives me an everchanging update on your view!

  5. Preciosas tomas Pet, y como dicen por ahí, realmente vivimos en el paraíso...cierto, cierto...

  6. looks amazing- glad all is well.
    So glad you enjoyed the wabi-sabi series-

  7. beautiful. wish i was there.

  8. San Sebastián es bonito hasta en el nombre.
    Un abrazo

  9. interesantísimo blog y fotos preciosas!!