September 28, 2015


PENCILANDBOXBOOKS. It was long due. We went on trips and celebrations to Florence in May, to Teuillac in June and to Bavaria in August and I hadn't produced any of the customary books yet. But I have managed to put all that work behind and now the presentation season starts.
I hope you like this first one here - Il Renascimento, Firenze 2015 - about how did we found Florence 500 years after! Click here to view.
PS: I know I have stuck with the Blurb books. I couldn't find any other publisher that I liked better. Anyone there with an alternative suggestion?

Lo debía hace tiempo. Fuimos de viajes y celebraciones a Florencia en Mayo, a Teuillac en Junio y a Baviera en Agosto y todavía no había producido ninguno de los obligados libros. Pero he conseguido dejar todo ese trabajo detrás y ahora empieza la temporada de presentaciones.
Espero que os guste este primero aquí - Il Renascimento, Firenze 2015 - sobre cómo encontramos Florencia 500 años después! Hacer click aquí para verlo.
PS: Sé que me he quedado enganchado con los libros de Blurb. No he podido encontrar ningún otro editor que me gustara más. ¿Hay alguien por ahí con alguna sugerencia alternativa?


  1. Oh...very nice! I can't wait to see the one of Bavaria.

    I guess I was a little surprised that one would wear a heavy jacket in Florence in May. But my mind may be kind of skewed...I've lived in Florida for over eight years, we don't know what heavy jackets are.

  2. I'd love to hear more about this.

    M xx
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