August 4, 2013


BIKING. The last two weeks the "Bike River Team" has been getting ready - some more than others - for our annual trip. We'll fly next week to Zurich and then we'll bike along the Rhine river from the Swiss Alps down to Lake Constance. 
And again this year, training around San Sebastian has been as good as the real thing!

Las últimas 2 semanas el "Bike River Team" se ha estado preparando - unos más que otros - para su periplo anual. La semana que viene volamos a Zurich y luego a pedalear siguiendo el Rin desde los Alpes suizos bajando hasta el Lago Constanza.
Y de nuevo este año, entrenar por los alrededores de San Sebastián ha resultado tan bueno como el viaje mismo!


  1. Well, wherever you go, it will not be any more gorgeous than San Sebastian. I love the stormy beach, but would not pick a favorite in this group of beautiful shots. I think that you have an advantage of location to start with!

    Happy biking!


  2. Pedazo de fotos!!! No te olvides de llevar la cámara! Nos vemos ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Pet, you really do lead an interesting life! Your planned journey sounds wonderful but in saying that, San Sebastian looks so beautiful and the perfect place to bike around! Love your photographs.
    (Thank you too, for your lovely comment :)