August 7, 2013


SAN SEBASTIAN. I was having a coffee with a colleague at San Sebastian Nautical Club's "deck". In the middle of the city, in the middle of summer, a warm and quiet raining morning, this was the view. 
Sure the conversation was only second best, soft voices, not to disturb the misty atmosphere.

Tomaba un café con un compañero de trabajo en la "cubierta" del Naútico de San Sebastian. En la mitad de la ciudad, en la mitad del verano, una mañana suave de lluvia tranquila, esta era la vista.
Seguro, la conversación de telonero, voces suaves, para no perturbar la atmósfera nebulosa.


  1. Quiet, warm, rainy morning, soft voices and a beautiful view....sounds so lovely!

  2. I like the perspective, in places like this, the conversation is second best. One thing we have in common: our costal waters are all the same, the lapping, indulating motion of the waves. The water. Cool, cool, cool. Here on the Great Lakes we just don't get as much flotsam and debris from the deep.

  3. i wish i was there, enjoying the quietness of soft friendly voices and the warm rain…