September 20, 2012


SAN SEBASTIAN. Franco used to holiday at Palacio de Ayete in San Sebastian. With perks like that I wonder he didn't clinch to power even longer. 
I have made it part of my Sherwood road to cross along the Palace's park, open nowadays to all passersby, this one a perk of democracy. 

 Franco solía pasar sus vacaciones en el Palacio de Ayete de San Sebastian. Con extras así me sorprende que no se agarrase al mando aún por más tiempo.
He hecho parte de mi camino de Sherwood cruzar a lo largo de sus jardines, abiertos ahora a todo el que pase por allí, esto ya extras de la democracia.


  1. Hello:
    'Franco' now that is a name to be reckoned with and one which, of course, was part of our childhood when anything associated with Spain was the topic of the day. We still have many stamps in our collection bearing his portrait.

  2. I sure do prefer the perks of democracy, the public areas, beaches, and parks. Of the people, for the people, by the people.

  3. A very beautiful photo. I think parks and gardens are usually democratic places -if they are open to the public and their dogs :)