November 29, 2011


I read in her book "The book and the brotherhood":
 - Whereas I - ?
 - You were always dissolving yourself into righteous discontent, thrilled in your bowels by the idea of some high thing elsewhere. So it has gone on. You see yourself as a lonely climber, of course higher up than the other ones, you think you might leap out of yourself onto the summit, yet you know you can not, and being pleased with yourself both ways you go nowhere. This "thinking" that your are going to do, what will it be? Writing your memories?
Anybody else for the brotherhood?

Leo en su libro "El libro y la hermandad":
 - ¿Mientras yo - ?
 - Tú te entregabas a tu descontento "profesional", encantado por dentro con la idea de algo mejor en otra parte. Siempre así. Te has visto siempre como un escalador solitario. Por supuesto más alto que los demás. Como si además pudieras saltar desde ahí, desde ti mismo, a la cima. Pero sabes que no puedes, y eso sí, estando contento contigo mismo de cualquiera de las maneras, no vas a ninguna parte. Este "pensar" que vas a hacer ahora ¿en qué va a consistir? ¿En escribir tus memorias?
¿Alguien más para la hermandad?


  1. It is such a common human trait to be always looking for some 'higher thing elsewhere' be honest, it is something i am guilty of at times...righteous discontent!
    Such an amazing writer and so sad her battle with Alzheimer's and subsequent death.

  2. Guilty, as charged... From time to time. Must read this one


  3. bueno hoy no estoy de humor para empezar a escribir un libro y mira que llevo anyos dandole vueltas. Mi pésimo dia en el trabajo me ha afectado demasiado!!!

  4. Many years ago in my formative teenage years I tried to read Murdoch's "The Bell"as I thought it would make me terribly highbrow! I really did not finish the first chapter. Now I just might have to revisit starting with this one!

  5. For me, the symbol of brotherhood is The Three Musketeers by Dumas. Depending on the age and complexion, I think I have already related to each of them throughout my life.