October 2, 2011

FALLING IN LOVE with Meryl Streep

FILMS. My friend Blas (see Lutry-Epistemology) used to say that falling in love was like falling with an illness. But I could never help falling in love with Meryl Streep in Falling in Love (1984).
I had promised - in a blog - a story about trains. The one in the movie is much better that any of mine's, so that will be it.
Mi amigo Blas (ver Lutry-Epistemología) solía decir que enamorarse era un enfermedad. pero nunca pude evitar enamorarme de Meryl Streep en Falling in Love (1984).
Había prometido - en un blog - una historia de trenes. La de la película es mucho mejor que cualquiera de las mías, así que ahí está.

Meryl Streep fans can also read THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY post.


  1. Meryl Streep is wonderful..She captured my heart in the role she played in 'Sophies's Choice' a film that moved me deeply,(as did the novel by William Styron).

  2. Hello:
    Meryl Streep can do no wrong for us. The breadth and depth of her acting abilities are a constant source of wonder to us. For some reason we have never seen this particular film, so that is one for the list!

  3. i do agree with your friend, it's like an illness, it's dangerous, maybe contageous. need a proof? this verb, to fall...

  4. she is the undisputed queen of acting...hands down....

  5. Meryl Streep is an engaging actor with a broad range.

    Falling in love? I embrace that illness with gusto!


  6. I once heard a voice behind me on a crowded NYC street, and didn't have to turn around to know who it was. Sure enough, I slowed down to let her and her friend pass—and it was indeed Meryl. Her daughter Mamie Gummer has a recurring role on a TV show (The Good Wife) and she's quite a good actress—like mother like daughter.

  7. I love her. She doesn't get enough attention though I think. I mean, no one argues that she is a great actress, but she doesnt get talked about much when people talk of great actresses! Maybe its because she stays outta the press?

  8. I have not seen the movie, she is really good in some others!

  9. Welcome to the 'club', Pet! I'm a longtime fan of Meryl Streep, she is just simply good!

    Best wishes for a sunny week and Greetings
    from the Perigord,

  10. Meryl Streep does not have the mainstream image of beauty; she had her own unique magnetism which she uses in her work.

  11. I have always thought Meryl Streep was one of America's best actresses. I've loved every movie she's made. She's a classic.

  12. pues yo enamoradita ando de Robert de Niro!!!sus expresiones me encantan esa sonrisa irónica que me dice que detrás de esa cara está maquinando algo... Meryl es estrepitosa sus peliculas nunc ame han defraudado:-))