September 7, 2011


ECONOMICS. Another "simple" explanation for the crisis, but this one is at least nice to watch. Brought to my attention by A, a Professor himself.
This video is for those of you who haven't found the time and will to read Hot, Flat, and Crowded, a book that explains the crisis in the most comprehensive way that I've found so far.

Otra "sencilla" explicación de la crisis. Esta, al menos, es curiosa de ver. Me la ha pasado A, que él mismo es profesor también. 
Este video es para aquellos que no han encontrado el tiempo ni el ánimo de leer Hot, Flat, and Crowded, un libro que explica la crisis de la manera más entendible y completa de lo que he podido leer hasta ahora. 


  1. it's short, it's clear and now i understand why i have so much reasons to stay as i am. thank you, pet.

  2. Very interesting and thought provoking. I did not intend to listen/watch the entire 11 minutes but I could not stop... Merci


  3. Hello:
    Absolutely fascinating and riveting. And such total sense.

  4. esta noche me lo leo detenidamente! A ver si saco algo en claro!!

  5. Interesting,however I see a gulf between knowing and knowing what to do!

  6. Hi, difficult for me!! pero me encantan los dibujitos, yo también me explico mejor dibujando, debe ser diver con Snoppy , los hermanos Marx y el monopolio, total para terminar en la cárcel!!!
    See you!

  7. Brilliant! Love it!

    Greetings from the Périgord, just a "bit" north of San Sebastian,

    Found your blog via my German blogger friend Franka

  8. Hello Pet,
    Thank you very much for your comments! I'm very pleased that you love Franka's blog. Yes, it is a good one! She is brilliant with short description, comments and just precise and to the point.

    I must say that I'm very pleased to discover your blog, need a bit of time to go through, reading more posts. From your profile - I found that we have rather a few things in common regarding films, music, art and books.

    Should you ever come again to the Dordogne/Perigord, please let me know. We have an open house for real humans.
    Here my email:
    If you like to send me your email adresse I'll send you our phone number, just in case you'll find your way in our direction...

    Salute and greetings,

    p.s. sorry about my English, I'm German, Mr. B is Irish, living in France and in 3 languages!