September 9, 2011


PLACES. I was born in Bilbao. I studied at the University of Deusto (in Bilbao) and taught there for a few years too. Now, when I go, I am nearly one more tourist, taking pictures of the Guggenheim and other wonders of this era.

Nací en Bilbao. Estudié en la Universidad de Deusto (en Bilbao) donde fui profesor unos años también. Ahora, cuando voy, soy casi un turista más sacando fotos del Guggenheim y otros edificios de esta era !


  1. Me da a mí que la ensenyanza es tu pasión! o me equivoco? feliz viernes

  2. Pero todos los bienvenidos a Bilbao y en cada rincon encuentras algo nuevo y sorprendente.


  3. Hello:
    But your pictures are a wonderful record of a changing city as well as serving to inform those, like ourselves, who have not been fortunate to have visited.

    But for now we shall have to content ourselves with the shores of Lake Balaton to which, on impulse, we are taking ourselves for a few days armed with piles of books and minus the computer!

  4. I am just an ignorant American and did not know of Bilbao. But at least I have a passport and have been outside the borders of this country. When I visit Spain I want to walk those stairs. I want to see Bilbao.

  5. La foto con escalera en primer plano de concurso, pedazo de eskirol!!

  6. Our Peter left Bilbao and moved to San Sebastián. There he got the lovely window we all know pretty good. Since then, he only comes back to Bilbao when it is only a must. Therefore he is a scab and I will never forgive him. But on the other hand I profit from his window when I visit him at SS.

  7. x cierto, gudari, ¿ya te ha dado permiso la parienta para colgar la última foto??

  8. otra cosita, el letrero de la UGT está metido a propósito?

  9. Hi Pet,
    I never been to Bilbao, have to put this on my still to visit list, check.
    And I too love Merel Streep, altough I haven't seen this classic still...also on my to do list, check.
    I was reading some of your posts and I like your blogstyle, it's different, like the new header and I'm glad to visit here, enjoy the weekend,

  10. Have yet to experince the delights of Bilbao. You will have to be my guide

  11. I would like to visit Bilbao!!!
    My sun has been there last year and he liked it vey much!

    And I should learn spanish!

    ♥ Franka

  12. Yo me apunto al carro, también fui cámara en mano como un turista más
    aunque tengo excusa no soy de Bilbao , volveré
    feliz fin de semana

  13. Hi P,
    Y te gusta volver? La primera foto es estupenda!! En las fotos se adivina que esa ciudad es parte de ti...también es divertido tomarte unos zuritos o vinos de turista...otra perspectiva. See you soon! Bye

  14. Planning for 'centuries' to visit Bilbao and the Guggenheim.....
    Maybe one day!
    Beautiful images!

    Bon weekend and greetings from the Périgord,

    p.s. Thank you very much for your visit, comments and being a follower!

  15. Bilbao es mucho Bilbao, aunque el título me recuerda al famoso disco de Springsteen...