August 28, 2011


MUSIC. This song is fixed on my memory to the Schindler's List film - of all movies the one that has made me cry more, over and over every time I happen to watch it.
I wanted here to honor this tango's author, Carlos Gardel, featured in this old movie singing the song himself. 

Esta canción está fijada en mi memoria a la película de La Lista de Schindler - de todas las películas la que más que ha hecho llorar, cada vez que la veo.
Quería aquí rendir homenaje al autor de la canción, Carlos Gardel, que aparece en esta vieja película cantando su tango él mismo.


  1. Hola, pues yo no la he visto!! Que tristeza! hoy se marcha un amigo argentino de mi hijo....

  2. Loved this clip! How sad that he died at the peak of his career, still so full of music and tango. His name is everywhere in Buenos Aires and I think that there is a tango hall we visited of his name. Wish that I had gone to the cemetery where he is buried.


  3. This was also one of those movies where I cried! Great clip!

  4. Thanks so much for the link of the wonderful Carlos Gardel. (I put that song together with that film too.)

  5. Hello:
    Such a wonderful film and such a splendid song.

  6. this is actually the first time i've heard it, i didn't watch the film.

    Costin M.

  7. What a wonderful song. I didn't know anything about it prior to reading your post. Although, for the most part, I am familiar with this period, because I love it so much.