August 26, 2011


J and N. In one of my first Posts ever I wrote about kayaking around San Sebastian (KAYAK AROUND SAN SEBASTIAN) and I tagged it with a Health label. May be that is why I didn't get a single comment :-)
Now J and N are taking kayak lessons in the bay and they really like it! 
I will take them kayaking to all the wonderful places that I used to kayak around, and I will write about all the adventures there, and I'll get a lot of comments, and ... so the dream goes.
One last dream today: Kayaking in Mermaid's river!

Una de las primeras cosas que escribí en este blog era sobre lugares donde hacer piragua cerca de San Sebastian (KAYAK AROUND SAN SEBASTIAN). Le puse la etiqueta de Health - puede que no tuviera ni un comentario por eso :-)
Ahora J y N están dando clases de piragua en la bahía y les gusta de verdad!
Les llevaré a andar en piragua a todos los sitios a los que solía ir, y escribiré todas las aventuras, y tendré muchos comentarios, y ... así sueño yo.
Un último sueño hoy: ¡Andar en piragua en el río de Mermaid


  1. that's my dream too....but i need a couple of lessons myself....for now i may just stick to my rubber dinghy.....when i look at a kayak i always wonder, "how the heck do you get in and out of this thing?"....

  2. Este verano intentamos lo de la piragua, y ni te cuento el desastre...
    Un saludo!

  3. Hello:
    How wonderful this looks and such fun, particularly for you to be revisiting old and familiar waters, so to speak. We are sure you will all have the most marvellous time, both learners and teacher!

  4. I wish I had a sea to kayak...but there is a little river down the hill from us that we go canoeing on a few times each year. I always wish for a kayak, though, because then my partner and I won't argue about paddling direction and watching out for rocks ahead. Just easy sailing.

  5. We can go Kayaking on Lake Ontario, however it does not seem the same as Kayaking around San Sebastian!

  6. Hi, que gracia..acaban de pasar unos en piragua en el lago delante de casa!!
    Que casualidad! y eso que hay alligators... que miedo!

  7. What fun! Such a beautiful bay too. I visited once many years ago, but still remember vividly.

  8. Looks like a dream! Did you know you can publish your blog as a book through I think you would love that as a keepsake - I hope to do that some day soon.

  9. I took a basic kayak course last summer in Copenhagen and it was pretty fun - I would love to try it some more in a beautiful place like that!

  10. You should try that in the West of Ireland!

  11. Kayaking is a wonderful sport. Your children will love it. Thank you for your recent visits to HDP and congratulations on your blog's first anniversary!