November 23, 2011


ART. I've  been subscribed to The New Yorker for 15 years. As a homage to the wonderful magazine, here is the cover of the New Yorker of November 15 1999. There was an article on that issue - THE FAMILY THAT DISSAPEARED -  a personal history by Noga Tarnopolsky,  that made me cry. 
It is an homage too to the terrible suffering brought upon so many Argentinians by the "Military Junta" that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983.

He estado suscrito al  New Yorker durante 15 años. Como homenaje a la magnífica revista, incluyo aquí la portada del New Yorker del 15 de Noviembre de 1999. En ese número leí un artículo - THE FAMILY THAT DISSAPEARED - una historia personal escrita por Noga Tarnopolsky, que me hizo llorar.
Es un homenaje también al terrible sufrimiento de tantos argentinos bajo la Junta Militar que gobernó Argentina de 1976 a 1983.


  1. I am a fan of the New Yorker also, I do not recall that short and I have to confess its the cartoons that keep me coming back. Twohy is my favorite, he makes me laugh!

  2. And a cover by Sempé, a fragile and sweet treasure.
    Have a nice autumnal promenade !

  3. HAving been to Argentina several times and interested in the history I an going to have to hunt this out. There is a wonderful book by Colm Toibin, set in this period called "The Story of the Night" which you must read

  4. In my trips to BA I have come to know the story of "the disappeared" and the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo with the white painted shawls on the ground. I will have to find the book David Toms mentioned.

    Sorry that I have been absent and thank you for your comments on my blog.


  5. This magazine is the best. A friend of mine was the first female staff writer, my father was a subscriber from the very first issue—and I applied for two jobs there (and got both, but had to turn them down because they didn't pay enough!).

  6. I will have to read it. Though I am not sure I could take anymore depressing reads right now. Currently reading a book about a teenager who commits suicide.