December 7, 2016


PHILOSOPHY. Zauber is magic in German. I learnt the word this summer, watching a magic
movie - Tschick - in Regensburg. Zauber is, you know, but dreams that come true.

Zauber is magia en alemán. Aprendí la palabra este verano, viendo una película 
mágica - Tschick - en Regensburg. Zauber, lo sabes, no son sino sueños que se hacen realidad.


  1. ... and *zauberhaft* means *full of magic*

    Ich wünsche einen zauberhaften Dezember!
    ♥ Franka

  2. I agree with Franka - December is a magical month!

  3. I love the whole series of PHILOSOPHY & Conquer all series. I am still trying to achieve my informational stuff. This was so unique and thrilling in its own, although they changed the living rules.