October 31, 2016


SAN SEBASTIAN. San Sebastian is a nineteen century city, more like a town, with somehow early twenty century people, fixed in a time gone by. 
But still one can find some corners of the city with a glance into the future, and the believe that everything is still to be done.

San Sebastián es una ciudad del siglo diecinueve, más como un pueblo, con sus gentes de alguna manera aún en los primeros veintes, fijas en un tiempo ya pasado.
Pero todavía puede uno encontrar alguna esquina de la ciudad con la mirada puesta en el futuro, y creer que quizás esté todo aún por hacer.


  1. I love the looks of old, historic houses. However, when it comes to my own house, I prefer the ease of having something more modern.

  2. Modern Spanish architecture can be very beautiful - enhanced by light quality!

  3. The colors and lines are so stark and clean, the sky so blue. It is enlightening to see photos of another place. Thank you and hope all is well.

  4. Its really good to see such an old city. I am adoring their neatness and the building structure. The blue sky is looking like a shadow on the building.