April 23, 2015


ENGLAND REINVENTED. Late in the evening I entered in this pub in Xàbia, a town in the Spanish Mediterranean Coast, and asked if they might have coffee. So far all went fine. Then I asked if they'd got something sweet, a cake or something, to eat with it. All in Spanish. The man looked at me intensely, like making a big effort to follow my words, and asked me if I could please speak more slowly. He happened to be from Croydon, nearly all the patrons were English too, and we had a nice chat.
I have been dreaming to move back to England, my beloved, for as long as I can remember. I spent last week in Xábia, some wonderful days. This might be the place. 
The Hattats - whose blog I follow dearly from its very first day - have recently bought a house in Norwick. It has been inspirational. I have already started to look for a place in my particular discovery: Xàbia's little corner of Mediterranean England!

Entré en este pub en Javea, tarde ya, y pregunté si a lo mejor tenían cafe. De momento todo fue bien. Entonces pregunté si tenían algo dulce, un pastel o algo, para tomar con el café. Todo esto en español claro. El hombre me miraba intensamente, como haciendo un gran esfuerzo por seguir mis palabras, y me pidió si por favor podría hablarle más despacio. Resulta que era de Croydon, casi todos los parroquianos eran ingleses también, y hablamos un rato.
He estado soñando con volver a vivir en Inglaterra, mi amada, desde que puedo recordar. Pasé la semana pasada en Javea, unos días magníficos. Este podría ser el lugar.
Los Hattats - cuyo blog sigo con gran cariño desde el primer día - han comprado recientemente una casa en Norwick. Ha sido una inspiración. Ya he empezado a buscar un lugar en mi descubrimiento particular: el pequeño rincón de Xàbia en la Inglaterra mediterránea!


  1. Hello Pet,

    How fitting, perhaps, for this post to be on St George's Day, the patron saint of your dearly beloved England!

    You were our first follower and have remained loyal to us through thick and thin over the years. We really appreciate that, as well as the link you have kindly provided here.

    If Xabia can provide a piece of England with a Mediterranean climate and cuisine, then that surely has to be the place. Norwich is delightful and perhaps you can arrange a visit one day?

  2. You are looking for a window with a new and different view? A little bit of England but not quite?! :) ( reading the above comment from the Hattatt's, you were my first ever follower too dear Pet.)

  3. Don't pubs everywhere operate under a universal language?