April 15, 2014


FILMS. How dare they? In the name of party, country (and god) how much of human stupidity has taken charge of things so many times to make the worst of them. This time it was China at the closing stages of Maoism, playing "guardian" to its people. Some sort of common sense prevails at the end of the movie when Li, a beautiful dancer, is finally allowed to stay in the US and even, at the end of the movie (based on a real story), to go back to China to visit his family - but the stupidity of the system is all over. I cried with the movie, and I write to witness it and the duty - of us who can - to rebel in front of injustice, and equal to it, tolerance with conformity, with less than good.

¿Cómo se atreven? En el nombre de partido, país (y dios) cuanto de la estupidez humana se ha hecho con el mando de las cosas tantas veces para llevarlas a lo peor. Esta vez era China en las postrimerías de Mao, jugando a "guardian" de su gente. Una especie de sentido común prevalece al final de la película cuando a Li, un bello bailarín, le es permitido finalmente quedarse en los Estados Unidos e incluso, al final de la película (basada en hechos reales), volver a China a visitar a su familia - para la estupidez del sistema está por todas partes. Lloré con la película, y escribo para contarlo y ser testigo también del deber - de aquellos que podemos - de rebelarnos ante la injusticia, y tan igual a ello, la tolerancia con la conformidad, con menos que lo bueno.


  1. Hello Pet,

    How right you are. So much human suffering caused by humans inflicting inhuman systems upon their fellow people. And, in spite of universal education, it does appear that the lessons of history are merely repeated rather than learned from.

    Thank you for bringing this film to our attention. We had not heard of it until now. As it happens, a friend of ours lived through the final years of Mao and her tale makes hair raising listening.

  2. I just finished reading Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (wonderful little novel) and so I found your post timely and good.