November 25, 2012


SAN SEBASTIAN. In San Sebastian, the "neighborhood's beach" is omnipresent. 
In the morning weekends of winter, depending on the hour of the low tide, 20 football (soccer) fields are drawn on the wet sand and goals raise like mushrooms. Players, that includes youngest son N (9), having to brave the waters to recover the occasional lost ball. 
In the afternoons it becomes a strolling ground.
In the evenings, under the street lights, a refuge for surfers.
And for menacing weather, there are always the coffee shops along the promenade from where to enjoy the coming storm.

En San Sebastian la "playa del barrio" es omnipresente.
En las mañanas de los fines de semana de invierno, dependiendo de la hora de la marea baja, 20 campos de futbol se dibujan en la arena húmeda y crecen porterías como si fueran setas. Los jugadores, esto incluye a N (9) el menor de mis hijos, teniendo que recuperar del agua la pelota ocasional lanzada al mar.
Por las tardes se convierte en campo de paseos.
Al atardecer, bajo el alumbrado de las calles, en refugio de surferos.
Y para el tiempo amenazante, están siempre los cafés junto a los paseos desde donde disfrutar de la tormenta que llega.


  1. So wonderful - your winterbeach.
    Such a special mood!

    ♥ franka

  2. Thank you for these pictures...I need to see the ocean once in a while since I'm surrounded by desert.

  3. Esta claro que vosotros si sabéis aprovechar lo bueno que tenéis.

  4. I cannot imagine a more versatile backdrop for "life" than your beautiful beaches. Having lived most of my life with a beach nearby, I have to admit that fall and winter can be the most dramatic. In winter, it seems that every day, the sea tosses up little gifts for the observant wanderer.

    Lovely photos, Pet.


  5. sounds like the perfect place to be!

  6. I will leave the wading to the young-uns and sit in the coffee shop and watch the storm approach. Nothing beats watching a storm gather itself over water. Beautiful pictures, as always.

  7. Living on a peninsula, I am surrounded by beaches. Summer by the beach is lovely, but I also love the wildness of a Winter beach! Your beach looks like the perfect spot to be, all year round! x