November 8, 2012


MADRID. I took the plane to Madrid, like always, and then the Underground to Alonso Martinez street. Above ground, at the Riofrio Cafe, there was still hot coffee and croissants, the resemblance that everything continued to be the same. Underground though, one could feel - without dressing ups - the sadness, the defenselessness, the tiredness of the country, the wound, as the morning started in the city.

Tomé el avión de Madrid, como siempre, y luego el Metro a Alonso Martinez. En la superficie, en el Café Riofrío, todavía servían café y croissants calientes, como si todo continuara igual. Abajo sin embargo, sin nada por disimular, se podía sentir la tristeza, la indefensión, el cansancio del país, la herida, mientras la mañana comenzaba en la ciudad.


  1. Hello:
    It is all very alarming what is happening in Spain. You have certainly captured a maudlin atmosphere here and worry is written on these faces!!!

  2. How sad.

    Hope your *home* and country will be firm soon.

    ♥ Franka

  3. Interesting. I guess I never thought about the contrast in Paris like that. You're right. The photo is so sharp and clear. Tell me, did they see you taking their photos? Their looks lead me to think not.
    Excellent capture.

  4. isn't it weird: no books, no ipod, no netbook! just tireness!
    did you noticed in paris everybody makes something in the subway, just to protect himself from the others — i don't look at them, they don't look at me, and if i don't see/hear them, it means they don't exist.

  5. No se donde vamos a llegar, con un paro previsto en 2013 del 27% la situación es insostenible...Intolerable que los bancos rescatados con dinero público estén echando de sus casas a las familias que no pueden pagar la hipoteca. ¿Porqué no una revolución pacífica, tipo Islandia...? Pienso que llegará...