August 2, 2012


MEMORIES. We used to take the bus to go to Aizkorri to the beach at the old stop it had by the railroad crossing. There is not a rail track there any more, it went underground. I do not remember holding his hand. I was too old for that, too shy too. He was the closest thing I'd got to a father. Uncle Rober made pictures too and developed them at his studio at the old Algorta harbor. What little I know of it I've got it from there. He was- and is - a master photographer, books published and all. I'll always be an unconditional admirer, like the child I was. 
This here is the latest photo sent by him to me (sends one every month). It made me hum Joan Manuel Serrat's - a Catalan composer and singer - Barquito de Papel (paper boat). It might have been the Mediterranean Sea of Barcelona where he lives and the picture must have been taken. It might have been the memories of those frail times.

Solíamos montar en el autobus para ir a Aizkorri a la playa en la antigua parada que tenía junto al paso de nivel. Ya no ha vías allí, el tren pasa ahora por debajo. No recuerdo que le agarrara de la mano. Era demasiado mayor para ello, demasiado tímido también. Fue lo más parecido que he tenido a un padre. El tío Rober hacía fotos también y las revelaba en su estudio del Puerto Viejo de Algorta. Lo poco que se de ello lo saqué de allí. Era - y es - un maestro de la fotografía, con libros publicados y todo. Siempre seré un admirador incondicional, como el niño que fui.
Esta de arriba es la última fota suya recibida (envía una todos los meses). Me hizo tararear el Barquito de Papel de Serrat. Puede que fuera el Mediterraneo de Barcelona, donde vive y seguro que la foto fue tomada. Puede que fueran las memorias de aquellos tiempos más desamparados.

Joan Manuel Serrat: Barquito de Papel


  1. this post is moving. I've always wondered if fathers who abandon their children damage them knowingly or are just selfish and don't want to know the evil they do…

  2. Hello:
    The image is WONDERFUL. Just like, but of course different, a Nicholas de Stael painting.

  3. This is a beautiful post Pet. In a personal sense,I relate very much to this. Even as adults. we still feel the pain of loss we experienced in our childhood. x

  4. Pet, this is such a moving post from you and the music brought me to tears. I think that the lifelong relationship you have with Rober is a rare treasure and one to be cherished and nurtured. I think that the admiration runs both directions.

    Thank you for this one.


  5. Hi Pet!
    I have to say, your posts are different than mine, shorter and to the point and I love them, still! Thank you for this, I truly enjoyed reading the posts I have missed (been busy here). I wish we had the time to go Spain this year but perhaps when we get back to Europe. In the mean time I enjoy seeing the view via your photo's. And the boat photo from your uncle, I copied it to my computer to look at, it's simply gorgeous! Hope you enjoy the week! (oh, I also made a tiny link to you today). Cheers!
    Maureen xx