August 7, 2012

ART CLASS Formentera style

Art Class in two steps:
1. Raise your own sculpture.
2. Make yourself a drawing of it too.

Clase de arte en dos pasos:
1. Levanta tu propia escultura.
2. Haz un dibujo de ella tú mismo también.

Drawing by Tomas Dougan       Dibujo de Tomas Dougan


  1. I love the boys sculpture,and then to draw it so as to have a record of their creation is such a great art activity to do...especially on a beautiful beach! (And they both look so immersed in what they are doing!) :)

  2. with the hot sun beating down.....truly a moment to capture.....

  3. J'ai le sentiment de faire ..."REWIND"...sur mon enfance !!!
    Quel flash back !!!
    Votr " blog" est savamment dosé & toujours aussi agréable a visiter
    " las piedras me importan"