July 20, 2012


ART. A play for 2 actors (transcript from a WhatsApp chat).
A Roman road with a view
Scott: An American Professor himself, writing from Athens,Georgia.
Pet: Your humble - now more than ever - Spanish Editor of this periodical, writing from Formentera.
Setting: In the middle of a chat about the previous night sangria party, in Formentera of course.
- Scott: Btw, I heard that Spain is introducing new austerity measures, exactly the wrong thing to do, I think, but Germany is giving them no choice. I think it's only a matter of time before the Euro zone breaks up. Hopefully it won't happen until after Nov.
  (Transcriber's note: "Certainly thinking of Obama"). 
- Pet: Krugman dixit. But you do not need even a single euro to enjoy this!
- Scott: Dixit?
- Pet: As in "magister dixit". A bit of latin would not do you any harm, it might be useful too down the Roman road to the beach - those were times of a single currency too - nothing lasts forever.
- Scott: Did the Romans vacation in Formentera too?

There is a faster (5 minutes) road by car but walking downhill the Roman road to the beach is a timeless experience.
Es más rápido (5 minutos) por carretera, pero bajar andando por el camino romano a la playa es una experiencia intemporal.
Un camino romano con vistas 
Obra de teatro para 2 actores (traducido del original en WhatsApp).
Scott: Un profesor americano, escribiendo desde Athens,Georgia.
Pet: El humilde - ahora más que nunca - editor de este blog, escribiendo desde Formentera.
Escenario: En mitad de un chat sobre la fiesta con sangría de la última noche, en Formentera claro.
- Scott: A propósito, he oído que España está introduciendo nuevas medidas de austeridad, exactamente lo que no hay que hacer, pero Alemania no les ha dejado opción. Creo que es solo cuestión de tiempo que la zona Euro se rompa. Esperemos que no suceda antes de Noviembre. 
  (Nota del traductor: "Por Obama claro").
- Pet: Krugman dixit. Pero no hace falta un euro para disfrutar de esto!
- Scott: Dixit?
- Pet: Como en "magister dixit". Un poco de latín no hace daño, hasta pudiera ser util bajando el camino romano a la playa - aquellos fueron tiempos de una moneda común también - nada es para siempre.
- Scott: ¿Los romanos veraneaban en Formentera también?


  1. Looking at this beautiful scene it's easy to say,who needs money? Lovely photo!


  2. This is sounding a bit Hemmingway..ish, at least that was my initial take on it.

  3. Now I know for sure that my English is not as perfect as I have gotten used to thinking. I've had to re-read your post several times. Then I had to assume to pose of The Thinker (in a bathing suit). Then I had to read a few chapters from Sartre. After that, I finally comprehended the meaning of your post. I'm smart, aren't I?