May 16, 2012

SHERWOOD FOREST in San Sebastian

SAN SEBASTIAN. I've got a new job. It's a "Robin Hood" job, and this is my Sherwood Forest!

Tengo un trabajo nuevo. Es un trabajo de "Robin Hood", y este es my bosque de Sherwood!


  1. You make me curious!

    ♥ Franka

  2. and just who is it that you rob from....if I may ask? and where do I sign up?

  3. Ooooh Pet...are you robbing the rich to give to the poor?! Have you got some merry men to assist? Tell us more!!! :)

  4. Hi Pet,
    this made me smile, a modern Robin Hood!
    Enjoy the new job,
    Maureen x

  5. Hello:
    Robbing the rich to give to the poor sounds a wonderful occupation. And, what a wonderful view from your window.

    Does Maid Marian exist,are there Merry Men and who, pray tell is the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham? We are on tenterhooks to know more!

  6. If you're planning to be Robin Hood, I hope that the sphere of your influence will travel not only to Europe, but to Canada. In particular, Toronto is in need of justice. Also, we have so many forests!

  7. Hola, Pet

    Llego de la mano de Julius y su blog. Me ha gustado mucho tu blog, tu trabajo. Y por supuesto, me gusta tu nuevo trabajo.


  8. Si se trata de robar a los ricos desalmados....