March 6, 2012


FILMS. If you were to feel, one of those days, nostalgic for the 70s, watch this movie.
I used to spend the summers in England in the late 70s, as a teenager. All the music of that time is there in the film, and a lot more too. Sweet, sweet movie.
Si tienes en algún momento nostalgia de los 70, ve esta película.
Solía pasar los veranos de finales de los 70 en Inglaterra, de adolescente. Toda la música de aquellos años está en la película, y más cosas también.


  1. Hello:
    This is obviously one for us!! And, strangely, we have not come across this film before but it has now been noted. Thank you!!

  2. The 70s,ah yes if only i knew know the rest.

  3. Hi Pet. I have never heard of this movie, so being a child of the seventies I will put it on my 'to watch' list! :)