February 22, 2012


PLACES. This year we will be going to Paris. The decision were to go was made by J and N based on a Mr Bean's movie that they had watched. Well, the decision had to be made someway or another and this way was as good as any. What do you think? 
I am a Puccini fan myself. I could watch and listen Puccini all the time, in any form, so I was easily convinced. And I was so proud that they liked Puccini too :-)

Click to watch.  Hacer click para ver.

Este año iremos a Paris. La decisión de a dónde ir la tomaron J y N en base a una película de Mr Bean que habían visto. Bueno, la decisión se tenía que tomar de una u otra manera y esta era una tan buena como cualquiera. ¿Qué os parece?
Soy un fan de Puccini. Podría ver y escuchar Puccini todo el tiempo, de cualquer forma, así que yo fui fácil de convencer. Además estaba tan orgulloso de que les gustara Puccini también :-)


  1. I have not seen this movie yet but I guess every reason is good to visit Paris:)

    Life and travelling

  2. I love how the decision was made to go to Paris...your boys sound very cute Pet!! PS. Now I am jealous....Paris!! :) x

  3. Did Mr Bean go to Paris?...how fun! ...will you be retracing his famous footprints?

  4. i didn't see the movie, so i don't know what happens with mr bean in paris, but it's a very good decision.

  5. I love Paris and I like Mr. Bean!
    So I should go to Paris too!


    ♥ Franka

  6. Espero que tengáis unas vacaciones tan divertidas como las de Mr. Bean. Abrazos.

  7. les has inculcado buenos valores!!! Paris, la cité de la lumiere!!! bambino caro!!:-))

  8. P.S. babbino, podría ser diminutivo de babbo ( papá)

  9. The sun came up today... oh, it is a sign that I must return to Paris! Hahaha, just kidding, but it does not take much to twist my arm.

    I am envious of those in Europe with so many wonderful places within easy commute. I have been to almost all of the US States and do believe that they are amazing and interesting, but the travel bug bites mean and hard!


  10. París, Puccini...ambas palabras conjugan bien y suenan a Gloria.