January 29, 2012


MEMORIES. "One day, in the middle of a departure, of a removal, of moving on after a death, you open some box forgotten in the depths of an attic or a garage. And just as an appendix in a will, you discover what the other has, perhaps, truly passed on."

2010 was to be the last summer of my mother in Munitibar, her home town. 
This is the book with the pictures of that summer.

2010 fue el último verano de mi madre en Munitibar. 
Este el el libro con las fotos de aquel verano.


  1. Hello:
    This album will hold such dear and precious memories for you. As you say, a true legacy. And, what a beguiling image you delight us with here.

  2. You share with us precious memories!

    Lovely family!!!

    ♥ Franka

  3. Ha sido muy conmovedor, como se dice en alemán sehr ruhrend!!!

  4. Dzien dobry!
    Unas memorias preciosas, una suerte que estuviera tan rodeada y que sus nietos la conocieran, un regalo para todos, verdad? Un abrazo fuerte desde Polonia.


  5. Beautiful memories of your mother to always hold close to your heart, Pet. She must have been very proud of you. x

  6. it's a very moving moment, a precious legacy for you and for her grandsons.
    i wish you the best for wednesday. i know how difficult it is and i'll send you all my positivest thoughts.

  7. In viewing this beautiful homage to the woman, her life and her patria chica, we all find much to celebrate and mourn and be grateful for in our own lives. Un cálido saludo.

  8. Pues nada, que no consigo ver el libro, ni con iexplorer ni con Chrome

  9. Ahí es cuando de verdad se rompe el cordón umbilical que haya encontrado el autentico paraíso. Un álbum que nunca querrías haber publicado...