January 19, 2012

AWESOME, about the word

TIPS. My favourite niece and dedicated Associate English Editor Karla, used to say it all the time. So this goes for her. It is an 18 minutes video. I know that it is too much to ask from anybody. Just to try to hook you, I will only say, that I did cry when the author asks his parents to stand up - that is by the end of the video :-) - but then I didn't have a happy childhood myself and these things always affect me.

Mi sobrina favorita y Associate English Editor Karla, solía decir AWESOME a cada rato. Así que va por ella. Es un video de 18 minutos, en inglés. Sé que es mucho pedir de cualquiera. Para tratar de enganchar a alguno, diré solo que lloré cuando el autor pide a sus padres que se levanten - esto es hacia el final del video :-) - aunque yo no tuve una infancia muy feliz y estas cosas siempre me afectan.

Acknowledgment: I first found about this video at A tiny rocket, browsing through her awesome blog :-)


  1. Hello:
    Awesome really is an overused word these days and so it was so good to look at the video and hear this inspiring account of what it takes to really live an awesome life. Certainly, as we would concur, it is all about living in the moment and appreciating the wonders of the simple pleasures with which we are surrounded each day. Awesome!

  2. I agree with JAne and LAnce. I have not not viewed said video as yet but will, and post some feedback.
    Re previous post on your flight dilemma coming home, kindness and politeness always wins.

  3. my conncetion is too bad to see the entire video (during the night i'm far from the modem), but actually, if you don't say "awesome" twice a minute, people tell you "can't you think positive sometimes, please?" i'm really fed up to be supposed to want an awesome life. i just wanna do what i like to, that's so simple, even if the others are kidding me!

  4. Dzién dobry!
    A mi también me hizo mucha gracia la palabra awesome y si recuerdas la colgué en la pared, me parece que pone las pilas... ahora están todos durmiendo en el aparta-hotel y no puedo ver el video ya buscaré un ratito... ya te diré! Un abrazo.

  5. la infancia es tan solo una etapa de nuestra vida, saber que haas conseguido la felicidad ahora ya es top!