December 11, 2011


FOOD. The previous Post - LEMON HOUSE - has brought me a vivid memory of the Lemon Chicken that we had around last Christmas - I had it twice in nearly consecutive days - at The Cottage, 16thSt, Manhattan. Memory plays its own games.
The important thing, it was very good, and The Cottage is a nice, reasonable priced Chinese worth taking into account if you happen to be around Union Square. 
I did mention The Cottage in another Post - LUNCH IN MANHATTAN - but not the chicken!

El Post anterior, LEMON HOUSE, me ha traído el recuerdo del "Lemon Chicken" que tomamos alrededor de las últimas Navidades - lo comí dos días casi consecutivos - en The Cottage, un restaurante chino en 16thSt en Manhattan. La memoria juega sus propios juegos.
Bueno, lo importante, estaba muy bueno, y The Cottage es un chino agradable, de precios moderados, a tener en cuenta en los alrededores de Union Square.
Mencioné The Cottage en LUNCH IN MANHATTAN - pero no el Lemon Chicken!


  1. This looks delicious—and I do know this place (as well as Smith & Wollensky, which is on the block where I work). Your little lemon-yellow house looks totally charming. If it's on the Anna Maria Island near Sarasota, I've actually been there. No snow, of course, but what a wonderful spot for your holiday!

  2. House and chicken - gorgeos!

    You certainly are a good NY Guide!


  3. Hello:
    Ooooh Lemon Chicken, yes please. Although we have never eaten it at The Cottage since we have, sadly, yet to get to Manhattan, we love this particular dish. In fact, almost lemon anything edible and we are licking our lips at the thought.

  4. That looks SO delicious. SOOO delicious! Thanks for a great restaurant idea!

  5. I love your words Pet...memory plays it's own games...i am filing that one away to remember!

  6. good that I am already after my lunch so I would not be hungry after seeing this picture:)

  7. Unfortunately my first lemon chicken was at our local Chinese restaurant in the small town I grew up in the middle of nowhere.

  8. Looks very tasty,,,and it sounds good too!

  9. qué hambre!!! me encanta y me lo apunto para mi viaje a NYC ojalá pronto!!!