November 11, 2011


BOOKS. Like in Edith Wharton's novel, The Age of Innocence, we do all live in our own Age of Innocence, somehow unaware of the insurmountable pressures of our own societies.
If one loses his position, job, money, friends, the worst to get over is the shame, the losing of face, the regret. 
The 1880’s New York of the book is colorfully depicted in the 1993 Martin Scorsese’s movie too, with its suffocating atmosphere, but which society doesn't suffocate its own people?
Como en la novela de Edith Wharthon, La Edad de la Inocencia, todos vivimos en nuestra propia Edad de la Inocencia, de alguna manera inconscientes de las presiones insalvables de nuestras propias sociedades.
Si uno pierde su posición, trabajo, dinero, amigos, lo más duro de superar es la vergüenza, la deshonra, el arrepentimiento.
El Nueva York de las años 188O también se muestra en todo su colorido en la película de Martin Scorsese de 1993, con su atmósfera sofocante, pero ¿qué sociedad no sofoca a sus propia gente?


  1. Hello:
    How very true all of this is. Edith Wharton remains to this day, in our opinion, a novelist well worth reading and one who continues to have something to say.

    Jó hétvégét.

  2. Good morning Pet!
    With my morning coffee reading some of your posts I have missed is always a pleasure. Love your new blurb book, (what a great title!) there are some beautiful photo's in it! The UK is also on my travel list, thanks for the inspiration; also, the man at the Tower, he was also in a program with Kirstie and Phil (looking for another house, since he and his wife live in the Tower itself) he is a very nice man (on tv, don't know him personally of course). Anyhoo, have a good weekend! Maureen

  3. Martin Scorsese’s film wasn't as good as the book, but my favorite scenes were the details on the fine dining meals/courses! They're absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Every year, before the New Year, I re-watch The Age of Innocence. I was practically planning how I will do it this year, and then I saw this post :)

  5. Just wanted to say Pet i just read your lovely comment to Franka when i thanked her for the amazing Hesse link then saw the same comment on my blog. Yes,it is an amazing link..i have been mesmirised and apart from his sketches in'Wandering' was unaware of his beautiful art and this fantastic place. My love for his work has intensified. It would be a lovely place to visit...maybe one day(sigh) x

  6. Y que bien se estaba siendo inocente...

  7. Agreed, but I think the Victorian era was particularly stuffy.

  8. Hi Pet,

    I loved this book and surprisingly did not mind the movie either. I recently read last years Pulitzer prize winner - Tinkers by Paul Harding. It was challenging to read at times but the pictures this man can paint with words is truly amazing. I think you will like it.
    Kel x

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