October 30, 2011


MUSIC. For more than a year my two little owls listened to the song non stop in YouTube. 
The Owl outside my door, with Judith's "Owl in my study" and her "Owl on my coach" has awakened my memory. I remember the owls at West Marton, a little town in Yorkshire. I used to travel there once every month to visit a Cheddar Cheese factory. There were owls all around. Just in front of the Bed&Breakfast where I used to stay there was always an owl and I could hear the owls hooting in the woods during the night too and I got attached to them.

Durante más de un año mis dos owls escucharon la canción sin parar en YouTube. 
El blog The Owl outside my door, con sus "Buho en mi estudio" y "Buho en mi sofa" me ha despertado la memoria. Recuerdo también los buhos de West Marton, un pequeño pueblo en Yorkshire. Solía ir una vez al mes a visitar una pequeña fábrica que hacía quesos. Había un buho delante del Bed&Breakfast al que iba y escuchaba los buhos del bosque ulular por la noche. 


  1. the old house in the mountains was empty for about 6 years, and a owl and its babies lived in the small wooden house in front of the big one. when we arrived, they observed us ("don't be afraid, they protect the place, and they are probably more frightened than you are", said the husband to the city girl), and one is still there, very difficult to see, but it sings in the evening.

  2. Hey! Nosotros lo hemos tenido muchos días de banda sonora, nos gusta!
    Gracias por los ánimos, como es la vida yo llegue muy enfadada a los USA, por que deje mi trabajo y muchas cosas ... La adaptación ha sido buena, pero ya estamos criticando muchas cosas que no nos gustan! Estamos en el buen camino, right! ya me cuentas... :-)

  3. Oh...you are so,so sweet!
    This is such a lovely surprise!
    I can understand why your 2 little 'owls' loved this song..it's very cute!
    Owls are beautiful creatures!

    Thankyou Pet x

    Que pase un buen dia!! (hope i got that right! :))

  4. Hello:
    Owls, such magnificent creatures, but sadly we have not seen or heard any since leaving our house in Herefordshire some 7 years ago. There were so many there living in old barns and in the silence of the countryside, their hooting was a common sound.

    What a fun little video!

  5. I adore owls and share our back woods with a pair who call to each other in certain seasons. We once woke to a screech owl (very small) perched on a lampshade generating lots of excitement. My favorite owl experience was staying in an old castle far from main roads in Tuscany and hearing a pair "hoot" all night, the only sounds heard.


  6. I'm a nightowl :-) - coming home from our *Konzert* which was a wonderful success!


  7. Woot-woot!
    I used to collect owl figurines, they're still proudly displayed in my curio cabinet, Pet!

  8. Owls are very cute, aren't they? But I don't think I'd be delighted if I were walking through a forest in the middle of the night, and one of them decided to perch on my shoulder.