October 16, 2011


MEMORIES. Endless hours and endless days went by the old wooden tables at Dôme. A long time already the corner between the Kings Road and Beaufort Street is occupied by the Beaufort House. Only the semicircular bar, I remember a few  breakfasts, remains the same.

Horas sin fin y días sin fin pasaron ante las viejas mesas de madera del Dôme. Hace tiempo ya que la esquina entre Kings Road y Beaufort Street está ocupada por el Beaufort House. Solo la barra semicircular, recuerdo unos cuantos desayunos, permanece en el lugar.


  1. I like your London pics!

    It is appetizing to make a Londontrip!

    Schönen Sonntag!
    ♥ Franka

  2. Just realized that you back from London. Yes, a lot has changed during the last 20 years and not all to the better.

    But there are still places where ones think that time stood still and I always liked to be in London for a week or two.

    Love your pictures!

    Sorry for late commenting,
    Bon Dimanche
    und herzlichen Gruss nach San Sebastian,

  3. a nice place for writing stories. i miss london so much.

  4. Enjoying seeing London through your eyes :) Laura

  5. Hi Pet!
    well, I'm just back a few hours and had to tell you right away....I didn't make it to Formentera... we had good intentions but every morning we were late to get the boat, but we liked Ibiza and we really like Spain so I think in Spring we will make a little trip again to the Balearen islands.
    Your london photo's with the chairs are so cool, indeed like winter isn't knocking on the door... Anyway, I will be back to blogland tomorrow, take care, Maureen

  6. por lo visto te trae muy buenos recuerdos LOndres!!! una ciudad elegante!