September 3, 2011


ART. Matt Willey once recorded his decision-making on a feature design for the Royal Academy magazine. A very close friend has just forwarded it to me.
Believe it or not, it could have been me working on my new header. Well, it took me longer I think :-) 
Note: It reminds me too my time as a Product Manager designing margarine tubs!

Me han pasado este video de Matt Willie decidiendo el diseño de una revista. Podría ser yo trabajando en la nueva cabecera del blog. Bueno, a mi me ha llevado más tiempo :-)
Nota: Me recuerda también mis tiempos como Product Manager diseñando envases de margarina!


  1. Hello:
    What an interesting insight into the thought processes behind the article layout. Most intriguing for us were the many variations of the title for the article. So reminiscent of the time we spend 'dreaming' up our blogpost titles. First impressions count for so much in our view.

  2. I must share that with the designers at the magazine where I work! And congrats on your one-year "blogiversary"—I'm so glad to have found it.

  3. Hi, no te quejes, hay que ver como debió cambiar todo el diseño gráfico y demás con los Mac! Insisto muy maja tu cabecera y gracias por las correcciones... Ahigrrr! he intentado ver donde está el error :-)