July 26, 2011


FOOD. P, our neighbour in La Mola, lives in Formentera all the year. In summer he grows tomatoes and picks them ripe, just sweet to eat.
In winter he hunts, like a squire of old times. He swears that he hunts "bécasses", a sought-after woodcock. Partridges too, and rabbits.
When the hunting season finishes at the end of January they organize a big lunch for all the town of La Mola.Then he fishes. He’s got a small boat, enough to reach his favorite fishing grounds north of La Mola.
He doesn’t grow grapes and doesn’t make wine himself but his friends do. He wouldn’t change himself for the King of Spain.
Well, during our stay in La Mola, we too eat a lot of tomatoes from his garden, and melons as well!
P, nuestro vecino en La Mola, vive en Formentera todo el año. En verano cultiva tomates y los recoje maduros, dulces, listos para comer.
En invierno caza, como un gentilhombre de otros tiempos. Jura que caza becadas. Y perdices y conejos también.  
Cuando acaba la temporada de caza a finales de enero, organizan una gran comida para todo el pueblo. Entonces pesca. Tiene un pequeño bote, lo justo para llegar a su "caladero" favorito al norte de La Mola.
No tiene viñedo plantado ni hace vino él mismo, pero sus amigos lo hacen. No se cambiaría ni por el Rey de España.
Bueno, durante nuestra estancia en La Mola, nosotros también comemos tomates de su jardín. ¡Y melones!


  1. This is precisely the type of life I sometimes dream of having!

  2. Hello:
    Now these tomatoes look as good as any we have seen outside of Hungary. Absolutely delicious.

  3. I miss a good real taste of tomatoes, not like they seel them in supermarkets

  4. Beautiful! That is what life should be. My tomatoes are still green.

  5. Tomatoes are my favourite vegetables. I can tell you a thousand and one tomato recipes :)

  6. He sounds like an interesting character in a book

  7. Olga,
    For a thousand and one nights :)
    But he let's us pick the tomatoes for real!

  8. I just started collecting sweet, ripe tomatoes. And patiently waiting for the watermelons to not be so micro.
    Your friend is living the dream! (and you a bit as well)