May 27, 2011


LIBERTE-EGALITE-FRATERNITE. Now that Nicolas is having his First Communion I have remembered this long due Post. We went to Reverend Calvin Butts III sermon in The Abyssinian Baptist Church of Harlem the Sunday after Christmas last year. I can only say this: - If only he had been my Pastor I would have believed in anything!
It is quite an experience to listen to the man, with the entire congregation in love with him. And he talked a lot of truth about discrimination too.
We couldn't take pictures inside, but we did have our share of "Urban Gospel" while queuing in the street to enter the Church :-)

Ahora que Nicolas hace su Primera Comunion me he acordado de este Post debido. Fuimos a oir el sermon del Reverendo Calvin Butts III en la Abyssinian Baptist Church de Harlem el domingo después de Navidad el año pasado. Solo puedo decir esto: - ¡Si hubiera sido mi Pastor hubiera podido creer en cualquier cosa!
Es toda una experiencia escucharle, con toda la congregación arrebatada con él. Y dijo muchas verdades sobre la discriminación también.
No pudimos hacer fotos, pero tuvimos nuestra ración de "Urban Gospel" haciendo cola en la calle para entrar en la iglesia :-)


  1. Hello:
    A queue to enter a church. Now that is something very unusual these days.

  2. Yo aquí en Wiesbaden fuí una vez a una msia gospel ( aquí hay una base americana y la colonia es bastante grande) fue toda una experiencia muy interesante ! se veía que los feligreses participaban y lo vivian muy muy intensamente!!!

  3. I must agree with Jane & Lance!
    Sad to say that many churches are closing down...
    ps: my brother is a full-time pastor

    Enjoy your weekend, Pet!

  4. Congratulations on the first Communion for Nicholas! It's really an important moment, when you can find a good Pastor.

  5. I also joined a very long queue for that church, Springtime a few years ago...but never made it into the church...Love the gospel music