May 20, 2011

NOTICE: The Athens-Orlando Trial

NOTICE. Next Christmas vacations we will be heading south. In 2009 we made it to the frozen Mississippi in Minneapolis. Last Christmas we drove all the way to NY in the middle of a snow storm. We started the first year been 8, and we are already 12.
The 6 children want to go to Disneyworld. I've been put in charge of planning all the rest. A nice beach, a nice place to rent a house somewhere in Florida, a good spot to fish, where to eat local food and have a drink, and fun...
Any idea will be welcomed! Anybody out there, please write us!

The 12 "Invaders"

Las próximas Navidades hacia el Sur. En el 2009 llegamos hasta el Mississippi helado en Mineapolis. El año pasado hasta NY en medio de una tormenta de nieve. Empezamos 8 el primer año y ya somos 12.
Los 6 niños quieren ir a Dysneyworld. A mi me han encargado el resto del viaje. Una playa bonita, un sitio chulo para alquilar una casa en algún lugar de Florida, un rincón para pescar, comida local, dónde tomarse algo y pasarlo bien...
¡Cualquier idea bienvenida! ¡Cualquiera que esté por ahí, escríbenos!


  1. Hello:
    All of this sounds to be great fun, the proposed trip to Disneyland apart.

    Sadly, we do not know Florida but have friends on Key West which, on reflection, is not of much help to you!

  2. Disneyland with 12! That would be a feat in itself! Of course the children would be interested in Cape Carnaveral.

  3. gracias por tu comentario muy amable!!!Tu blog también está genial !!! ese viaje que tenéis programado tiene una pinta estupenda!!! no he estado por lo que no puedo ayudarte pero si me entero de algo "interesante" por supuesto que te hago saber!!Un besote

  4. Key West is great! I did two posts about it. We rented a great house. Destin is fabulous too. White sand beaches, just like baby powder.

  5. I agree with Jill, Destin is gorgeous. It's called the Emerald Coast, blue-green water, pure white sand. My brother lived there for a few years and I loved to visit. Only thing is, I'm not sure about the Gulf since the oil spill. ??

  6. We have had some of our best family vacations ever at Water Color, near Destin, FL in the panhandle. It is quite far from Disneyworld, but it is really family friendly with bike paths, pools, white beaches, and lots of activities. The only problem is that it may not be very warm, but certainly fits the rest of your criteria.

    Other thought would be Key West - I've never been there but certainly is one the list with their brightly colored houses. Good luck :) XOL

  7. Thanks a lot to everybody for all the ideas. Key West, Destin, Water Color, and Cape Canaveral too. I have googled a little and they all look wonderful, and the children already love the idea of visiting the Space Center. I will let you know how the plan evolves. Thanks again.

  8. I hope you will be detailing your journey in your blog. Go easy on the ice cream. The company looks splendid :)

  9. Hola, me acabo de acordar que hay una bloguera Mercé ( majísima por cierto) que vive en Miami te envio el enlace quizás te inspire , en su blog suele comentar muchas cosas interesantes de esa zona! un saludo!

  10. Colores, gracias por el enlace. Además me ha gustado mucho su blog y me voy a apuntar de seguidor! Eres un encanto. Gracias de verdad.
    He pensado que te podría gustar este a ti:
    Por cierto, no consigo escribir en tu blog, supongo que algo de la web, para que lo sepas.

  11. Hi, veo que por ahí se habla de mi...en el blog cuento mi aventura Americana, entre comillas porque pasados dos años veo que esto no es tan Yankee! si repasas en los archivos explico mis viajecitos por los alrededores de Miami, aunque como las distancias son tan grandes y tenemos pocas vacaciones no hemos podido recorrerlo todo...
    Ya me daré paseos por tu blog!
    Bye bye

  12. We did Euro-Disney last year. I think the key ( for us cynical grown-ups) is to try to leave all our judgements behind and just enjoy the childrens excitement. I was also quite surprised to find in among all the tackiness, a couple of nice things - like a great Morrocan restaraunt, complete with beautiful authentic artifacts, mosaics etc..