March 9, 2011

MINNEAPOLIS with Natalie Portman

FILMS. We spent a week in Minneapolis last winter and then I'd got this book, Until they bring the streetcars back, as a present there. That was like reading The Catcher in the Rye, a present forever. Last week Natalie Portman got the Oscar for Black Swan. Then I read in a blog - Desconvencida - about Beautiful Girls (1996) the film she worked on when she was 13, in Minneapolis. I watched it and it reminded me of the book - Until they bring the streetcars back - but set ten years later.
All the fears, all the dreams, all the regrets, and time goes by regardless. I refuse to think about another ten more years, but Minneapolis has found a place in my heart, and the movies, and the dream that Marty will be waiting there, frozen in time by the Mississippi River's ice.
Pasamos una semana en Minneapolis el último invierno. Allí me regalaron un libro, Until they bring the streetcars back, de adolescentes en la ciudad en los años 50, que fue como leer de nuevo The Catcher in the Rye envuelto en hielo y la nieve. La semana pasada le dieron un Oscar a Natalie Portman por su papel en Black Swan, y a raiz de ello leí en un blog - Desconvencida - acerca de la película en la que trabajó cuando tenía 13 años, Beautiful Girls (1996). Y la película ha sido como volver al libro, pero 10 años después.
Los miedos, los sueños, los lamentos, y el tiempo que pasa sin importarle nada. Me niego a pensar qué será dentro de diez años más, pero Minneapolis ha encontrado un sitio en mi, en el cine, y en el sueño de que Marty estará esperando allí, congelada en el tiempo por el hielo del río Mississippi.


  1. I love Natalie Portman in this film; even more so than in The Professional. She is so young and touching, and real and mature at the same time. This post has really impressed me; it is so short, but it encompasses so much.

  2. Yes, she's great in that film. Minneapolis and a lot of the other snowy northern cities are so down to earth. it's refreshing. I'll have to check out the story you mentioned.

  3. Olga, you are always so nice, and your post so beautiful. Thanks.

    Sarah, yes, do read Until They Bring The Streetcars Back by Stanley Gordon West. The way of writing is so alive, like being there!

  4. enamorado.. .. jajaj