December 16, 2010



I couldn't breath in the night
and listened to The River
radio station, rock
in Atlanta and the passing trains
deep whistle in the distance.

On the way to NY and the romanticism of the Empire, the last poem from the London underground in The Chocolate Chip Waffle - and a cold - made me dare to write in the form of a poem after more than twenty years.
I believe that Atlanta's The River station might be available through the web, broadcasting the best of rock and pop of all times. Is anybody around listening to it?

Camino de Nueva York, el romanticismo del Empire, la última poesía desde el metro de Londres en The Chocolate Chip Waffle - y un resfriado - me han hecho atreverme a escribir con forma de poema después de más de veinte años.
Supongo que se podrá escuchar la emisora The River de Atlanta a través de internet, con el mejor rock y pop de todos los tiempos. 


  1. Thanks for the nod. :) Enjoyed your poem, and as it is with writing, may you take inspiration from everything, let it move through you, and become what also is life: a poem.

    Un placer a visiter tu blog hoy!

  2. Kaixo gudari, ¿es esta?

  3. Allende el Atlántico se ve que las musas te cuidan bien... Una lástima no saber inglés para apreciar en toda su dimensión tus versos.

    Disfruta mucho tu viaje.

  4. thanks for your poem
    and thanks for your comments on my blog
    the world feels so small - so intimate - when we can speak to eachother in cyberspace about flapjack recipes and what book we are reading - I just (as it happens) re-read The Great Gatsby after at least 20 years. Didn't recall a single detail of the story, just that haunting/glittering/ already nostalgic atmosphere of the book...
    Enjoy N.Y.!

  5. Jane, I do not write poems usually, and as you can easily guess I am not even proficient in English, much as I love it. You are too kind. By the way I think I've read everything written by Scott Fitzgerald, probably my favorite writer, one of them at least. Have yor read The Beautiful and Damned?

  6. Love this poem. It put me exactly where you are. I can hear the trains too.